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LASIK Eye Surgery Cost

Precision Treatments. Comfortable Experience. Transparent Pricing.

What is the cost of LASIK in Michigan?

At the Clear Vision Center in metro Detroit Michigan, we believe you deserve honesty and tranparency when it comes to LASIK price. We understand that choosing laser vision correction is a really big deal, and that part of your decision to trust us with your vision will be based on cost. We urge you to be an informed consumer, as many practices do not offer straightforward pricing. Ask yourself, if they aren’t being upfront with their pricing, can I really trust them with my vision? While the bottom-line price of modern LASIK in the U.S.A. averages between $2000-$4000 (per eye), what is initially advertised and actually included in that final price will vary widely among laser vision centers. You’ll learn more about some nefarious marketing techniques below!

Why is LASIK price so high in Michigan?

The truth is, it isn’t! Laser vision correction has been around for nearly 30 years, and much like the new smartphone you hold in your hand, the technology has advanced greatly over the past few years. These modern laser advances now allow for a more comfortable procedure, increased precision of treatments, longer-lasting results, and reduced side effects. With the newest and best laser technology, the cost to own and maintain modern lasers is more than triple the average home price in the United States. While expensive, we still have invested in the modern technology because we are 100% committed to achieving the best possible laser vision correction results for our patients without cutting corners.

With the investments in modern technology needed to achieve these great outcomes, the price of LASIK in Detroit and surrounding areas has increased as well, much like the price of our smartphones has increased with their added features and improved performance. However, despite the investment involved, laser vision correction such as LASIK, SMILE, and ASA is a long-term solution that can cost you less than your current monthly phone plan, and free you from costly yearly updates to glasses and contact lenses.

“Laser vision correction allows you to finally own your vision”
-Dr. Vrabec

Is LASIK Eye Surgery Worth the Cost?

Renting vs Owning Your Vision

The cost of glasses and contacts has steadily risen over time as well, albeit without any groundbreaking technological advances. On average people will spend $25,000 over their lifetime on glasses and contacts, while essentially renting your vision from the >150 BILLION dollar glasses and contacts industry. Renting often makes sense when considering something short-term, but for a long-term essential need such as your vision, a more permanent solution can make more financial sense, and of course carries the additional benefits of being free from glasses and contacts! Once free from glasses and contacts, you’ll immediately start recouping the costs by not needing to constantly replenish contact lenses, supplies, glasses, and sunglasses every year. In the long run, you’ll not only save thousands of dollars, but you’ll also finally be free from vision “crutches” for your basic daily activities and own the vision you deserve.

Risks of Glasses and Contacts

Glasses and contacts aren’t risk-free either! Contact lens overwear (allergy) and corneal ulcer infections can cause permanent corneal scarring which can permanently affect vision. Bifocal glasses can also create dangerous vision shifts that can increase risk of falling, and large glasses prescriptions can also distort peripheral vision. We’ve already talked about the financial costs as well for constantly having to maintain your supplies of glasses and contacts.

Beware of the “Bait and Switch”

Some large LASIK chains have recently been cited by authorities for making it standard business practice to intentionally “bait” potential customers into their center with an impossibly low advertised price, which if actually offered would not even come close to covering the cost to do the procedure! (Hint: LASIK never actually costs $300/ eye). Once they have enticed you into their office with the low advertised price, they use high-pressure sales tactics to get you to upgrade or “switch” to a better, all-laser procedure, custom treatments, enhancement packages, dry eye treatments, etc. In the end, you still end up paying the same, but have ended up a victim of a “bait-and-switch” scheme. Doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy about trusting them with your vision, does it?

Our Transparent LASIK Price in Michigan

Our private, on-site laser vision correction suite at the Clear Vision Center in Rochester Michigan was specifically designed to provide a premium patient experience. We firmly believe that every candidate deserves access to the best laser technology in the world, and both a comfortable and successful vision correction journey. We understand that you are making a big investment, and we want you to feel confident that you can trust us as your vision-correction partner throughout the entire journey. Our bottom-line pricing includes a comfortable all-laser procedure, plus everything you’ll need along the way:

“We don’t compromise when it comes to your vision. You shouldn’t either.”
-Dr. Vrabec

Our Bottom-Line LASIK Price in Michigan

At the Clear Vision Center, our bottom-line price for laser vision correction is the same no matter which laser procedure we recommend. While LASIK is the most common vision correction procedure, it is possible that we may recommend a different laser procedure such as Zeiss SMILE or PRK depending on your unique eyes and situation to give you the bet possible result. Our transparent, all-inclusive pricing is the same for every laser procedure and includes everything: pre and post care by your surgeon, eye drops, custom procedures (as indicated), and enhancements. There is no upcharging or add-ons, which means the price you see is the price you pay (yes, really).

Our bottom-line price for laser vision correction (LASIK, SMILE, or ASA) in Michigan is $2995/eye

Our bottom-line price for laser vision correction reflects our commitment to achieving the best possible result with your vision correction procedure. This zero-compromise approach includes the area’s most detailed screening process, consultations and followup care with the actual surgeon, and the most modern laser procedure suite in the area. With unmatched surgeon involvement throughout the entire process and modern technology, we are able to provide the highest possible quality-of-care and a successful vision correction journey.

Do we offer discounts on LASIK?

While we understand that modern laser vision correction is a big investment, we do not discount or negotiate on price. We feel that discounting or negotiating on price devalues what is a life-changing procedure on something that is critically important to all of us: your eyes. But to help you reach your goal of being glasses-free as soon as possible, we do offer a convenient financing option which can spread out the costs to $125/month (per eye)*. And remember, you won’t be buying glasses or contacts anymore! Additional savings may be available via our new Ambassador Program (see below). While we don’t discount our LASIK price, we also won’t try to upsell you on upgrades, because you’ll already be getting all available upgrades with our standard procedure at the advertised price.

*0% financing over 24 months available with Alpheon Credit/Comenity Bank. CareCredit also accepted. Approval required.

Does insurance cover LASIK?

Vision-correcting refractive procedures (LASIK, ASA, SMILE, EVO ICL, and advanced lens implants) are considered elective (not medically-necessary), and therefore are not covered by medical or vision insurance. Some vision plans such as VSP do have a LASIK benefit, and if this applies to you, call us today for our special vision plan pricing (limitations apply). In all cases, LASIK is an out-of-pocket cost, and we do not bill insurance for any vision correction procedure under any circumstances. However, you may use your HSA/HRA/Flex spending accounts for LASIK and vision correction, making it a poten tax-beneficial investment!

Final Thought: The Value of Uncorrected Vision

If you are shopping around for the price of LASIK in Michigan, you will find cheaper alternatives, but these are not “apples-to-apples” comparisons. Sadly, some high-volume LASIK centers were built many years ago with an “assembly-line” model of doing the most surgeries possible for the least cost possible. This business-first approach is flawed at it’s core because it often results in less stringent screening standards, revolving-door surgeons, and the use of older lasers and testing equipment. We feel this is the wrong approach for any medical procedure, especially when it comes to one pertaining to your sight!

Think about how much you value your vision

Before buying in to the “we do the most” marketing ploy often used at some LASIK centers in Detroit, consider the value you place on your vision and the long-term investment you are making. Would you entrust a once-in-a-lifetime meal with a drive-through fast-food joint best known for “Over 100 Billion Served”? Of course you wouldn’t, so why would you consider the same business model for your vision? While having an expereinced surgeon is important (we still have you covered there!) it should not come at the cost of quality of care. So if you are seeking a high-quality, premium vision correction center for your eyes, look no further than the patient-first Clear Vision Center and Dr. Vrabec.

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