Posted by: Clear Vision Cataract & LASIK Center

In early 2019, we officially opened Michigan Ophthalmology and since then have helped thousands achieve their vision goals while managing their medical eye conditions. Over the past three years, as we’ve experienced a surge in demand for our custom surgical services. To accommodate this demand, we recently expanded on-site with the building of our Clear Vision Center, to offer office-based cataract surgery and laser vision correction. In parallel to this, we’ve noticed that many potential patients have had a hard time finding us due to our slightly confusing web address, as well having a practice name that is easily confused with other practices in the area with similar business names.

So in order to set ourselves apart and make ourselves as easy to find, we’ve decided to rebrand the entire practice in early 2023 to the Clear Vision Center! While the name is changing, rest assured that the outstanding customer service and personalized care you’ve come to expect from Michigan Ophthalmology will not change. Additionally, despite the name change, ownership of the practice is not changing as we remain committed to being 100% physician owned and operated without outside corporate influence.

To summarize the change from Michigan Ophthalmology to Clear Vision Center:

1. Our name will be changing from Michigan Ophthalmology to Clear Vision Center, complete with a new logo!
2. Our primary website has changed to

What’s Not Changing in 2023:

1. Same location and phone number (248-710-2325)
2. Same ownership and management
3. Same great patient experience – Rochester Hills leader in cataract surgery outcomes!
4. Our commitment to continue caring for our established patients
5. We continue to accept most insurance plans and Medicare

If you have any questions about our practice rebranding from Michigan Ophthalmology to the Clear Vision Center, don’t hesitate to call and give us your feedback!

Dr Vrabec and staff