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At Clear Vision Center (now the Clear Vision Center), we are a patient-centered (not procedure-centered) practice. What’s the difference? At a procedure-centered practice, chances are you’ll feel like you’re on an assembly line conveyor belt, moving from one technician to another, then a scheduler, and (maybe) a doctor at the very end. Their entire process is pre-programmed with one singular purpose: to get you to commit to THEIR procedure of choice, even if it wasn’t necessarily the best option for YOU. Ask yourself why you’d settle for THEIR preferred procedure when you could be getting a different procedure that fits YOU best? For example, let’s take three different hypothetical individuals, all with exactly the same prescription of -5.00 diopters (moderate nearsightedness). In a procedure-centered practice, each of those patients would be given the same recommendation: most likely LASIK or SMILE. While each of those procedures is safe and excellent option for vision correction, we think this cookie-cutter approach is a bit misguided, because each of those three hypothetical individuals will have unique features of their eyes, different hobbies/careers, and may be of different ages too. In other words, you are much more than just your glasses prescription! This is why at a patient-centered practice such as Clear Vision Center, we spend extra time getting to know you and your vision before making our vision-correction recommendation. Maybe you are a good candidate for LASIK, but could be an even better candidate for the EVO ICL correcting lens given your goals and unique eyes. We present you with all possible options, and recommend what we think will give you the best possible outcome with the least amount of risk of side effects.

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